FACTA Compliance Assistance


Compliance Assistance

The Fair and Accurate Credit Reporting Act (FACTA) was signed into Law by, then, President Bush on Dec 4th 2003.

Businesses must comply by having certain procedures and plans in place. This law applies to any business regardless of the size that collects personal information or consumer reports about customers, vendors, and employees to make decisions with their business (including names, credit card numbers, birthdates, home addresses and more). Covered entities include:

. Employers – including individuals

. Insurers

. Lenders

. Mortgage brokers

. Landlords

. Automobile dealers

. Attorneys

. Debt collectors

. Private Investigators

. Tax Preparers

. Financial Advisors and Credit Counseling Services

. Investment or financial advisory services

. Individual financial management & tax planning services

We can assist your business to have some tangible steps in place towards compliance to avoid hefty Federal and State penalties if there is even an information breach at your workplace.  This service is complimentary, therefore there is no cost or premium for business to pay.