Invitation to Advisors


Most Advisors today are looking for ways to expand their portfolio of services to generate additional income.

These products are time tested for the last 48 years and can be offered across the USA and Canada. There is no underwriting, or any customer service.  And since the company has never raised premiums on anyone since its inception, the retention of the book of business is as high as 75% and that means great residual income. 

Here is information on the company as well as their complete portfolio of services at a glance: 

Portfolio of Services: LegalShield & IDShield “At-A-Glance”               

Once we have assisted you with onboarding, we will be providing you marketing information as well as some third party tools which can be great conversation starters with your current clients as well as prospects.

If you are interested in offering these services, send us a copy of your license & E&O coverage via and we will send you contracting paperwork.